The Association of Interventional Pulmonology Program Directors was established to set the standard for high quality, patient centered, evidence based training in the field of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of the thorax.  The Association will establish and maintain specific guidelines for standardized curriculum development and accreditation of training programs in Interventional Pulmonology. We seek to work with all related specialties to standardize fellowship training and develop integrated tools to assess competence and maintenance of competence in the field of Interventional Pulmonology.

Committees of AIPPD

  • President Hans Lee, MD
  • Vice-President Neeraj Desai, MD
  • Secretary/ Treasurer: Jason Akulian, MD
  Education Committee  
  • Shaheen Islam, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Adnan Majid, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Jonathan Pulchalski, MD
  • Colleen Keyes, MD
  • Kamran Mahmood, MD
  • Javier Diaz-Mendoza, MD
  • Colin Gillespie, MD
  • Sadia Benzaquen, MD

Accreditation Committee






Fellowhsip Career Development




Past Presidents



  • Hans Lee, MD (Co-Chair)
  • David Berkowitz, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Francisco Almeida, MD
  • Chakravarthy Reddy, MD
  • Erik Folch, MD
  • Fabian Maldonado, MD




  • Neeraj Desai, MD (co-chair)
  • Ashutosh Sachdeva, MD (co-chair)
  • Jason Akulian, MD MPH


  • Carla Lamb, MD
  • Kevin Kovitz, MD
  • Michael Simoff, MD


Committees Goals and Objectives

  1. Curriculum:  responsible for defining the breadth of curriculum topics to be included in IP fellowship training programs,  template of format for curriculum modules,  online reading resources , standardize education materials,  collaborate with Education committee, standardize knowledge testing of the devised curriculum
  2. Education:  develop individual teaching modules for procedures in a disease based format utilizing the curriculum committees breadth of topics, create separate subgroup for specific research education, cognitive testing, hands- on, collaborate with Curriculum committee, create online access to all educational material approved by the Board of AIPPD
  3. Accreditation:  create specific requirements that deem an IP program accreditation, create time line for meeting requirements, provide a mechanism / process to vet each program based on the established criteria for IP fellowship program,   process for maintenance of accreditation after initial accreditation, collaborate with both Education and Curriculum committees in providing programs with educational resources for meeting these goals