Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does an IP Fellowship Program join the AIPPD?

Program directors should send a request to the officers of the AIPPD for membership.  There is a small annual membership fee which go towards the mission of the AIPPD and support projects like the In-service exam© and IPFAS©.  There are currently several committees consisting of various program directors developing suggested guidelines for future membership.

Q: How does my program participate in the In-Service Exam?

The In-Service Exam is a validated examination initiated in 2011.  The exam can be taken by fellows of AIPPD member programs.  A request for participation is sent to AIPPD member program directors by email in January of each year.  The exam typically occurs in May or June and results will be available within a few weeks.  Please contact us if your program is intertested in partipating.

Q: How does my program participate in the IPFAS?

The IPFAS application system will start June 30 for the class entering July of the following year.  Participation in IPFAS is free and voluntary for AIPPD member programs.

Q: I'm an applicant, How do I know if my letters of recommendation have been sent and programs have my application?

Once a letter is uploaded, you will be able to see a confirmation in your account.  Once applications are submitted and fees paid, your application is viewable by program directors.  You may also contact individual programs to confirm.

Q: As an applicant, can I update my application after it is submitted?

No, Once applications are submitted updates can not be performed other than demographic information (i.e. email, telephone number)

Q: What happens in the scramble for IP fellowships?

Individual program directors will need to be contacted directly.