1. Review of clarification of May 19, 2013 ATS program directors meeting  ( see referenced minutes)
  2. Review of Budget:  Balance of $3700.00
    Proposed Budget for 2013 – 2014:  Website proposal ( Lee)  vetted 3 different vendors
    Local groups reviewed with what was felt to be most cost effective proposal ( see
    Details)  Discussion of start up fee and monthly maintenance to offer primary service
    Of streamlining online fellowship program application process.  Discussion of
    Additional components of services to fellows/ interactive page, etc.
    Kevin Kovitz “owns”  AIPPD.org , AIPPD. Net,  AIPPD.com.
    Boston Scientific owns Interventional Pulmonology.com  but may be willing to discuss
  3. Inservice exam: maintenance of annual service includes administration online and grading exam and distributing results to fellows and program directors  ( Lee to provide Board with details of annual cost)
  4. Annual meetings at CHEST and ATS costs: approximately $200 per meeting room reserved
  5. Proposed Program Directors Annual Fee:  $500.00  with transparency to membership the costs  ( after Board reviews actual expense report ) will determine any changes made to proposal presuming that at least 15 directors out of 22 will pay fees.
  6. Hold on Industry Grant support and establish independence financially first.
  7. Send out invitations to those to chair / co chair education, curriculum, and accreditation committees. Send summary of meeting minutes for May 19 and June 4 to membership/ IP fellowship directors.
  8. Set timeline on Board member review of Website costs and contract: Hans Lee to report back to Kevin, Mike and Carla to determine agreement to proceed in the next 48 hours to get info clarifying the monthly maintenance fee beyond start up.  Then the Board will be tasked to take a final vote with in a set time as it will take approximately 4 weeks to have the website up and running.  Goal would be to have this available for this summer for application process. 
  9. Future AIPPD / Industry educational grant Scholarship for coverage of IP Boot Camp on a competitive basis.


IP Job Opportunity

University of Cinncinati Join an established IP group, Please contact Sadia Benzaquen, MD

West Virginia University: IP position https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=f12e34d463c02f23&q=Pulmonary+Critical+Care&l=West+Virginia&tk=1bssvig2o185b510&from=web

University of Buffalo: IP Position https://www.ubjobs.buffalo.edu/postings/11082?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed

Augusta MCG:  Division Chief position with IP experience, contact Dr Dillard, [email protected] 

Albany Medical College:  Faculty Member, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.  Click here to view and apply. 

Catholic Health Services of Long Island (CHS) is seeking a board-certified/board-eligible fellowship-trained Interventional Pulmonologist to join a multidisciplinary clinical team to support a multi-hospital Pulmonary/Thoracic program. For more information about this opportunity, please call Dr. Dhuper at 631-474-6100 or email: [email protected]

Henry Ford Medical Center: CONTACT Mike Simoff at [email protected].  
Job description: Interventional Pulmonology Staff Physician to join established very busy IP practice. Would be the fourth member of a still growing IP program. The IP program at Henry Ford Hospital was established more than 25 years ago.