Structure of AIPPD  Officers of the Board
Kevin Kovitz :   President
Mike Simoff:   Vice – President
Carla  Lamb:   Secretary- Treasurer
Leadership transition Chest 2013:  Kevin Kovitz ( ex officio) , Mike Simoff Vice President, Carla Lamb Secretary-Treasurer
Call for Nominations for Secretary-Treasurer  with electronic voting to occur prior to CHEST 2013 and to be announced at semi-annual meeting  during CHEST in Chicago

Additional nominees for serving on these committees and group welcomed to join and participate: Kamran Mahmood volunteered to become part of the curriculum committee

  1. Proposal of initiating  Committees as part of AIPPD
    1. Accreditation
    2. Curriculum
    3. Education
    4. Website committee
    1. Proposed co chairs for these committee
    2. Curriculum : Lamb / Haas
    3. Accreditation: Lee/ Berkowitz
    4. Education: Islam/ Majiid
    5. Website : Lee / Yarmus / AIPPD Board
  2. dify mission statement for vote: adding accreditation and curriculum development.
  3. Logo in Gold Accepted by group
  4. IP Inservice exam survey Reviewed by Hans
  5. Inservice exam ( report all data): Review of scores of Fellows with comparisons of IP Boot camp inservice testing to end of year testing 2013
  6. Recommendation to better “know” our programs, program directors and IP fellows to target needs to be met: Get data from NRMP in terms of number of programs in match, regions, gender, other programs
  7. Based on Inservice exam and service the following needs were identified:
    1. Identified needs:
    2. Reading list / curriculum
    3. Didactic lectures
    4. Recommended text books
    5. Collaboration with other specialities:
    6. Monitor online access to confirm fellows are taking these
    7. Journal club from articles from reading list
    8. Fellows from each program develop a board review document
    9. Online staff log in among AIPPD faculty to diversify the lecture
    10. Online courses  –monthly conference video and uplinked with standardized lectures
    11. Task fellows at Boot Camp in the beginning of the academic year in terms of reading list
    12. Educate them together Boot Camp, ACCP, and ATS  ( small IP fellows meetings to incorporate additional education)
    13. Select Fellows representative ( pick one fellow from each of the subcommittess 1 year term)
    14. Research must be added as part of the 2010 lead paper on breadth
    15. How to subdivide IP fellows time
    16. Pull all prior surveys
    17. 1 and 2 yr fellows
    18. Have each program reflect on 2010 paper to see what areas can / need improvement
    19. Time limits in allocating fellows time
    20. Fellows Salary / vacation time  / work ours/ meeting participation
  8. Review of Budget and proposal for Program Director dues: to defray the cost of biannual meetings at CHEST and ATS in addition to developing a proposed budget for 2013-2014 academic year with anticipate costs of inservice exam, etc. Develop other income generating opportunities.
    • 2013 Anticipated costs: Inservice exam , website start up for application process, and semi-annual meetings
    • Define a dues Fee for all program directors to cover proposed budgetary needs.
  9. Committee to provide director membership specific Outline budget for centralized application process
  10. IP Boot Camp transition: propose this as a shared responsibility for AABIP and AIPPD
  11. Future role of Industry support : future consideration of education grant to assist with expenses.
  12. Relationship between the AABIP and AIPPD: Just as AABIP focuses on eligibility for the board exam and certification—-the AIPPD’s primary focus should be on the accreditation for fellowship.
  13. Ad Hoc : between relationship from the AABIP and AIPPD—
    Just as AABIP focuses on eligibility for board exam, the role of the AIPPD will focus on accreditation for fellowship training programs.
  14. up next followup meeting / and teleconference with summary
  15. John Mullon from Mayo—IP program directors some representative go to the July meeting
  16. Set up upcoming dates for IP program directors to meet via teleconference and set future dates for CHEST and ATS